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R project код для расчета доверительных интервалов исследований биоэквивалентности (non-replicated)

Для расчета 90% доверительного интервала для разницы T/R в исследовании биоэквивалентности рекомендуется применение GLM (общая линейная модель): The Estimate statement in SAS PROC GLM, or equivalent statement in other software, should be used to obtain estimates for the adjusted differences between treatment means and the standard error associated with these differences. Необходимо учесть, что эта…

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Mediana: an R package for clinical trial simulations – пакет для симуляции клинических исследований

Mediana is an R package which provides a general framework for clinical trial simulations based on the Clinical Scenario Evaluation approach. The package supports a broad class of data models (including clinical trials with continuous, binary, survival-type and count-type endpoints as well as multivariate outcomes that are based on combinations of different endpoints), analysis strategies…

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